Explore Malta with friends

Our Mission

In short: helping the international community in Malta to come together. 

A bit more expanded, our mission it to breathe life back into human interaction,  to bring people from all over the word together and forge meaningful connections through our organized events.

In a word where technology is rapidly advancing, meaningful face-to-face contact is becoming a rare commodity. As a result of this, more and more people find themselves feeling the ache of loneliness and emptiness brought on by the lack of social connection. After all, it’s one of the most fundamental human needs.

Therefore, our team is determined to keep the “old school” way of communicating alive and strives to create an opportunity and space for people to connect in person.

Our Values


Both with the Team and the Guests, we are communicative, fun, friendly, and humorous.

We put our energy, joy, happiness and heart! It is contagious and it makes the magic happen!


Serving others is one of the most noble and satisfactory missions.

Both with the Team and the Guests, we are caring, attentive, altruistic, empathic, understanding, patient, supportive.


Talking does not cook rice. We are doers that get thigns done. no matter what. 

We are precise, organized, reliable, and well-coordinated as a swiss clock! 


We are honest, frank, transparent with oursevles and the others. 

But most importantly, we are ambitious and driven by a strong desire to grow.

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