Our Mission

If we have to identify the first apparent thing we love doing, we would probably say: helping people to connect face to face. But this is only the surface…

After helping forming this first connection, we have seen a world of endless possibilities: our guests can make new incredible international friends, learn something new, open their minds, expand their work network, improve their language skills, find a potential love, get inspired for their new trip, and so forth.

In other words, connecting people seems only a mean, while the real end is helping people to to get enriched and to grow. This is probably what gives us the deepest motivation.

Unfortunately, we have recognized that nowadays it’s more difficult for people to build this connection than in the past.

Why? There are many reasons. Just to mention a few: the effects of the rising usage of technology, the consequence of Covid-19, the simple fact of being abroad, alone in a new country, the increasing pace of our modern and busy life, full of stimuli, notifications and distractions.

All these elements contributed in decreasing our social skills, reducing the time for real interaction and limiting the opportunity to meet new people face to face.

With our events, we are trying offering our small tiny contribution in solving this problem.