The super Team!

Curious to know more about us? Have a look below!

Let’s just remember that many more people helped us in the past or are doing it on the side: prior team members, partners, ambassadors, loyal guests, friends, the local community. We are very grateful to all of them! Here we are limiting to mention the active team for simplicity!


Ulisse is a very international animal! He speaks 4 languages, has worked and studied in 7 different countries and loves meeting people from all over the world.

People say he is a sociable, extroverted and funny guy.

He has a Master Degree in Organizational Psychology and he absolutely loves learning new things all the time. People say he reads a book per week, but it is probably a myth!


Almost a legend in Malta. People all over the island know Kenny for his smile. A very gregarious, energetic, sparkling and positive dude! We still have to find someone that does not like Kenny!

He spent a long time working in the Hawaii in the USA, but he found his real home here in Malta.

He has actually many skills, but he is definitely unbeatable in anything related with Digital Marketing and Design. Never start a SEO war with him!


Teaching Spanish, volunteering, helping her community, Maria is simply a reference point for so many people! A natural leader that always knows what is the right thing to do.

Originally from Malta, she has been living in so many countries that we lost count! 

She is always so busy helping others, that we still wonder whose calendar is fuller: The Prime Minister’s or hers!


Lina is absolutely pure energy! People say she can spend a whole week without sleeping and still being more sparkling than a star! 

She has many passions and talents, but her ability to deal and connect with people is second to none! Intelligent, friendly, positive. Simply great!

Originally from Colombia, she is part of the team since 2018, since she arrived in Malta!


International since her inception, born in Spain, raised in Portugal and now in Sunny Malta!

Tania is an extremely sociable person that would be able to speak to anyone! Warm, friendly and extroverted!

She is a real adventurer: she loves discovering new countries and new cultures! Living in the present moment is her motto!


Here it’s Charlie! The psychologist of the gang! No worries, generally he is not too busy analysing people, he says!

He is a kind, lovely and generous soul that loves volunteering and helping others!

He is also a smart and knowledgeable guy, an avid learner, a real bookworm! He knows so many things! Incredible!


Originally from Colombia but in truth a real international citizen, Alberto is the soul of the party wherever he is! He loves making friends and learning new cultures!

He is a pet lover: he has 2 beautiful dogs! He is also a sportive guy: he mainly love running, hiking and working out in the gym.

He loves business and is very ambitious that’s why he is studying an MBA at the moment!


Meet Tatiana, better known as Tati! Born and raised in Porto, north of Portugal and for 1 year living on this beautiful place called Malta.

Adventurous and fearless she decided to leave her position in radiology to start a new adventure in sunny Malta!

She has many passions, among those: travelling to new countries, making new international friends and enjoy the island life to its best!


Original from the north of Spain, she lived in cold Norway and now living in sunny Malta!

Teresa loves discovering different cultures, trying new food and meet people from all around the globe. Travelling alone as a backpacker is one of the things she enjoys the most!

She is organized, positive and a really morning person: breakfast by the sea is her favourite way to start the day!


Meet Anastasiya, who always finds a way to include anyone and everyone! Her positive spirit can be sensed as soon as you walk in the room, so she is definitely not shy.

Anastasiya speaks 4 languages, and spends as much time as possible travelling (12 trips in the last year).

As soon as she graduated from her Bachelor’s in Psychology, she booked a one-way ticket to Malta and has been here for a year now!


Directly from beautiful France, meet our super and dynamic Eva! People say she is not able to stay still, she always needs to do something! Great!

She came to Malta to learn English and discover new cultures. 

She is truly passionate about sport! Her goal is to get  master’s degree in the field of sports event management.