VIP Bookings

🎉 Celebrate the Moments that Matter at English Café Malta! 🎉

🌟 Are you looking to make your special occasions even more memorable? Or perhaps you have a big group of friends eager to share a unique experience? Look no further—our VIP Booking feature is here to make every event spectacular! 🌟


🥂 Exclusive VIP Benefits 🥂

Step into a world where your special celebrations are elevated to a VIP experience with every visit. Choose our exclusive services to make every occasion special, the benefits include:

  • Private Table: Secure a private table exclusively for your group to gather, celebrate, and enjoy the evening surrounded by new and old friends.
  • Welcome Bottle & Shots: Kick off your celebration in style! Each VIP booking is greeted with a complimentary bottle or a round of shots, ensuring your party starts with a toast. Depending on the package you choose, there are various perks added!

🎲 Engage & Connect 🎲

Plunge into a night of social games and vibrant connections. Our events are more than just gatherings; they’re dynamic spaces designed to foster lasting friendships and unforgettable experiences:

  • Social Games: Engage in a variety of interactive games that promise fun and laughter, helping you connect with others.
  • Cultural Immersion: Use the lively setting to practice your English and immerse yourself in a culturally enriching environment, all while enjoying the festivities.



🌟Event Hours: 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM nightly.

🌙 Saturday Nights start from 9:00 PM onwards.

1. Welcoming Special 🍾

  • Private Table
  • Welcome Bottle/Shots

2. Cake! 🎂

  • Private Table
  • Welcome Bottle/Shots
  • Snacks
  • Firework Candles

3. Club Lounge 🎶

  • Private Area Downstairs
  • Games
  • Welcome Drinks
  • 5 Songs in Karaoke Reserved
  • Camera Footage

4. Marco Polo Rooftop 🌆

  • Private Rooftop Area
  • Welcome Drinks
  • Snacks
  • Firework Candles
  • Camera/Drone Footage


📅 Ready to make your next gathering unforgettable?📅

Book today and join a community that celebrates language and life with passion and fun. Speak, celebrate, and enjoy—only at English Café Malta!

Fill out the request form  and we will reach out to you!

🤩 The most popular and vibrant international community of the island is waiting for you! 🎉 

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How can I book a VIP table?

To book a VIP table at English Café Malta, please fill out our reservation form on Google Forms. Link to reservation form

Where and when can I make a VIP reservation?

VIP reservations are exclusive to the locations of our events on specific days:

  • Monday: Me Lounge
  • Tuesday: Fortizza
  • Wednesday: Club Lounge
  • Thursday: Surfside
  • Friday: Me Lounge
  • Saturday: Marco Polo

Can I book for larger groups?

Yes! For those wishing to come in bigger groups, we offer special accommodations:

  • Club Lounge (Wednesday): Book our private space downstairs for your group to enjoy a more intimate setting.
  • Marco Polo (Saturday): Reserve our private rooftop area for spectacular views and privacy.

What does a VIP booking include?

Depending on the package you want to choose, each of them includes unique features to enhance your celebration. Each VIP booking includes a reserved table in a prime location, a complimentary bottle of alcohol or shots, and the opportunity to socialize in an intimate and exclusive atmosphere.

What should I do if I have special requests for my booking?

For any special requests or additional accommodations, please mention them in the reservation form or contact us directly through our provided contact details on the website.